A Quick Tip for Finding Writing Inspiration

writing inspiration

Ahh, a new writing project. Or adding on to current ones. Whatever it is, there’s nothing worst than running out of ideas.

When you’re stuck on a project without inspiration, the place to start is with what you have already done.

There are always new ideas lurking in the corners and crevasses of what you’ve already done. The problem comes in finding them.

What gets me out of a rut in writing (usually) is rereading what I’ve already written or the planning I have already written out.

This last year was the first time I’d considered writing down ALL of my story ideas. Not just the ones I had all sorted out and mentally organized. I started writing down everything. Plot pieces, character dynamics, environmental descriptions and world-building that didn’t fit into any project I was currently working on.

I created a document on my computer called ‘Story Ideas’ (very original, I know) and began to pile every snippet of an idea or thought into it.

And it worked. I had no idea how many useful snippets there were floating around my head. Or how many of them I could tweak or fiddle with to work into my current project. Endless.

The only downside of this is I now have years and years worth of new story ideas and by the time I finish those, I’ll have a lifetime more.


So. Many. Stories. So. Little. Time.

This is, however, a vastly better problem to have than too few ideas.

Just my two cents for the day.

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