David and Goliath

I was reading this story as I was thinking of what to write for today’s blog post. One thing that strikes me every time I’m reading a biblical story is how well it depicts human nature. We humans are such foolish idiots. 

That may be an odd take away from a story like David and Goliath, but it is what I always think. Imagine, an entire army stopped by one (abet an impressive one) person’s yelling and threatening.

This sounds familiar. I seem to remember dozens of stories in the last week or month of people being shamed into doing or not doing something. It seems people can just as easily be stopped, or persuaded to change their opinion by someone’s yelling, calling them idiots and every -ism under the sun.


Fear stops more people than an army ever could. Fear of humiliation and alienation are strong motivators since people, no matter how isolated survive as a group.

Well, this is the two cents I found lying around on the topic.

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