Journal Thoughts

Is it even possible to have unique thoughts nowadays?

Journal Thoughts

I am sitting here, drinking tea this early Thanksgiving morning, pondering if there are any truly unique thoughts left to have.

Through thousands of years and billions of people, is it possible to think something no one else has thought of before? I don’t know, but I’m skeptical.

Even sharing an idea in writing or video, there is always a reference you can point to where that idea has already been shared before. What about all the ideas that have never been shared?

Maybe the struggles you have with connecting with other people have been conceptualized by a nameless soldier in Attila the Hun’s army… Maybe a shower thought you had about the winter world that has already been considered by a monk shivering in a monastery, shirking his duties in favor of trying to warm up by a fire…

With so many thoughts having already been considered by thousands of people before, how could you know if anyone you have now is original?

I don’t know.

This is just food for thought while my tea is getting cold.

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